Products & Services

deVere Vault is a Global Currency application that provides services in electronic money as well as in a single, multi-currency, Mastercard.

Breaking away from traditional banking that charges excessive overseas fees, we created an innovative service that accommodates client expectations in today’s increasingly digital and interconnected world. This means providing an intuitive product that is fast, transparent and easy to use.

Anyone who needs to transfer between different currencies is at a loss when it comes to hidden fees and charges on international payments. We believe this is wrong. You should be able to gain access and manage your finances from wherever you are in the world with no stress, no hassle and no hidden charges.

This is where deVere Vault comes in. Set up an account on your smartphone today and get real-time notifications with all your transactions when you transfer in multiple currencies to and from your device.

Our multi-currency card also allows you to withdraw and spend money anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

Through deVere Vault, we seek to redefine banking by placing your experience at the heart of our mission.

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